TOPELEK-Elastiche Fitness Banda Elastica – Set di 6 Bande

Want to Burn Fat? Want to Shape Body? Want to Increase Muscle Strength? Want Do Rehabilitative Exercises? No Time to the Gym? Do not Have Enough Room for Large Exercise Equipment? Spend High Monthly Fee on Fitness Center? Let’s Stretch These Resistance Loop Bands at Home, in the Office, On the Road!

6 Bands with Varying Resistance and Thickness
-Black Loop Band: 27-45lbs (12.2-20.4kg), 1.5mm thick
-Red Loop Band: 22-38lbs (10.0-17.2kg), 1.2mm thick
-Orange Loop Band: 17-30lbs (7.7-13.6kg), 1mm thick
-Blue Loop Band: 14-25lbs (6.4-11.3kg), 0.7mm thick
-Green Loop Band: 9-18lbs (4.1-8.2kg), 0.5mm thick
-Yellow Yoga Band: 6-11lbs (2.7-5.0kg), 0.35mm thick
You can combine different loop bands together to create varying resistance levels from 6lbs to 167lbs.

Premium Materials
The stretch bands are made of 100% natural latex which has great elasticity and durability. They are tested by our professional QC team before shipping to you. They can withstand stronger extension without losing elasticity and can be reusable for a long time.

Wide Band Design
The wide band is safer and more comfortable on your skin and not easy to hurt you.
30 Minutes a Day, Give You a Slender, Ripped and Healthy Body in a Short Time!

Product Purpose: Exercise
Resistance Bands Material: Natural Latex
Resistance Band Quantity: 6 Resistance Loop Bands
Loop Band Perimeter (Original State): 500mm
Loop Band Width: 50mm

Package included:
6 x Resistance Loop Bands
1 x Carrying Pouch
1 x Workout Guide
❤Multiple Loop Bands. ❤6 loop bands with varying resistance levels. Different colors of bands represent different resistance levels and thickness: black(27-45lbs or 12.2-20.4kg, 1.5mm thick), red loop band (16-28lbs or 7.3-12.7kg, 1.2mm thick), orange(17-30lbs or 7.7-13.6, 1mm thick), blue(14-25lbs or 6.4-11.3kg, 0.7mm), green(9-18lbs or 4.1-8.2kg,0.5mm), yellow (6-11lbs or 2.7-5.0kg, 0.35mm).Choose the intensity you want to exercise with and progress step by step.
❤100% Natural Latex. ❤High quality natural latex improves its comfort level and wear-resistant performance without losing its elasticity. These resistance bands are safer than some cumbersome exercise equipment such as dumbbells, free weights, metal chest expander.
❤Multipurpose Use. ❤These fitness bands will assist you in building muscles, shaping body, losing weight and rehabilitating from sports injuries or chronic pains. Use it to work out many body parts such as arms, legs, thighs, ankles, hips, shoulders. These are great tools for Yoga, Pilates, etc.
❤Quick Start Workout Guide. ❤The booklet with illustrated exercise skills will get you started easily. These exercise bands are suitable for both exercise gurus and beginners.
❤Compact and Portable Design. ❤Do not waste high monthly fees on a local gym or fitness center. These bands set with compact design allow you to work out at home without taking up much space and without spending amounts of money. These are also perfect workout tool during the winter time when roads and sidewalks are icy and it is difficult drive or walk to a gym. It comes with a black drawstring pouch. It is so easy to take when you travel.

TOPELEK-Elastiche Fitness Banda Elastica - Set di 6 Bande

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