EPIC FLOW + FLOOR MAT Balance Board – Balance trainer – Epic Balanceboards

Go epic with EPIC Balance Boards!

This inconspicuous little thing is one of most versatile training tools out there!

It can serve as well as comprehensive fitness training device, grate workout supplement and awesome solution for anyone who doesn’t want their skill deteriorate during rainy days. Balance boards are often chosen by fitness trainers, surfers and skaters.

EPIC Balance Boards not only help you improve your balance (obviously) but also develop your muscles and overall body coordination providing loads of fun along the way. The constant need to maintain a balance causes more muscle to be involved in the workout, thus improving your silhouette and body awareness (proprioception).
Doesn’t matter if you surf, ski, skate, ride a snowboard , longboard or participate in any other extreme sport; EPIC will help you shape up your game, no matter the weather, so when the time comes, you will be more than prepared.

The board doesn’t take much space meaning its very easy to store and use at home, and gives you a variety of exercise option regardless of you current skill level. It may be used just as well by adults and kids, and we guarantee you wont get board with it easily as the only thing that limits you is your imagination!

Available roller colors: yellow, blue, orange, red, black.

Package includes vast floor mat that prevents roller slipping and keeps your floor safe! Thanks to its big size it gives loads of space for learning, but also helps on uneven surfaces like beach or grass.

Deck size: Lenght: 85cm (33.46”) Width: 30cm (11.81”)
Floor mat size: Lenght: 180cm (70.86”) Width: 110cm (43.30”)Perfect for balance training
Strengthens the silhouette and burns fat
No assembly required
Unique Graphics
Grate fitness exercise tool

EPIC FLOW + FLOOR MAT Balance Board - Balance trainer - Epic Balanceboards

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